For the first time, I'm revealing my ONE-SHEET for what I call...

"Six-Figure Sales Machines"

My 3-point six-figure framework is for coaches, and consultants who want a simple solution for creating multiple six-figure sales machines.

"My 3-Point Six-Figure Framework is 'Boring' ...says this grizzled digital marketer."

From the desk of: Chris Koehl
Location: Central Kansas
Date: Thursday, April 2, 2020 7:36 am

Here's the skinny...

There's NO 'shiny-objects'or 'quick-fix' solutions here.  

Only proven, real-world fundamentals that are simple-to-follow and flat-out work.

If you're all about mastering the fundamentals, taking action... and NOT chasing the latest greatest 'guru' social media craziness. 

Then here's what you'll discover when you download and read my new CONFIDENTIAL REPORT & ONE-SHEET:

  • The MINDSET SHIFT, that changed everything for me. How I went from overworked, stressed-out and in debt... to working from my dream home and making more in a month, then I use to make in an entire year.  I did TWO THINGS to shift my mindset and they made all the difference in the world. (Page 3 of 24)
  • Clear and straight-forward advice that will instantly put you on track to creating your own six-figure sales machines. You only need to do these two things on a consistent basis to grow your business. (Page 4 of 24)
  • The 3 "B's" of the six-figure sales machine framework and what you need to know... so you can start implementing these into your business right away.  (Page 4 of 24)
  • The number ONE RULE you must follow when when building your business online. Failure to do this will result in you making NO MONEY online. (Page 5 of 24)
  • The single most important factor in your funnels is ONE THING... and if you're not doing it, it's costing you a fortune in... lost leads, lost sales and lost income. (Page 5 of 24)
  • 5 foundational methods for building your audience in today's NEW ECONOMY... and how to correctly use these five methods so your business accelerates fast. (Page 6 of 24)
  • A truly “no brainer” (yet almost always overlooked) way to use paid traffic, and still be able to follow-up with people... even when they DON'T OPTIN to your list(Page 7 of 24)
  • My current recommended resources for email marketing, complete sales funnels, members area, and automated marketing campaigns.  You'll see what I use and recommend. This system CUTS COSTS and SAVES YOU TIME, when building your online business. (Page 7 of 24)
  • Why certain "famous" guru's are leading you astray in your list building... and how listening to them is causing low open rates, low engagement rates, and poor sales. On page 8 of 24... I'll reveal what you can do to reverse this right away.
  • The LITTLE KNOWN SECRET to creating authority that works like magic, even if nobody knows your name yet. This has nothing to do with "writing a book", "speaking on stage", or "posting videos on social media". This is something I recommend all my clients do right out of the gate. (Page 9 of 24)

"We brought in more clients than ever before..."

Jeremy Miner

Jeremy Miner


"By far Chris Koehl has been the best person I’ve ever hired on my sales funnels, and marketing automation! 

We brought in more clients than ever before and these were better quality clients which was the most important to us. 

If you are wanting to get results for your business than Chris Koehl is your guy... period!"


"One of the best I've worked with in digital marketing..."

Todd Falcone

Todd Falcone


"​Chris Koehl originally built out my first site over 17 years ago.

And for the last seven years I've been working with Chris on a daily basis.

He's an incredible marketer, copywriter and system designer.  The guy is one of the best I've worked with in digital marketing. 

If you get a chance to work with him, I highly recommend it."


"It's all about moving people from one-step to the next... so they can get solutions to their problems!"

-Chris Koehl

Wait, I've got more things you need to know in order to optimize your six-figure sales machines.

Here's what else you'll discover...

  • 15 (field-tested) methods for moving people to the next step in your sales process. Using these methods, you're able to ATTRACT and CONVERT people with ease. (Page 10 & 11 of 24)
  • SURE-FIRE method for getting high-quality content created for free. Using this one simple method ensures you'll always have content to engage your people... plus it gives you borrowed credibility. (Page 12 of 24)
  • 8 best practices for optimizing your results in your marketing campaigns. Use these right away in your business if you like MONEY and MORE CLIENTS / CUSTOMERS. (Page 13 of 24)
  • How to understand, respond to and make money from email marketing using my A,B,C PROCESS... plus get a sneak-peek at my email offer software system. (Page 18 of 24)
  • The truth behind what it really takes to have a six-figure sales machine in your business. Once you know, and apply this formula (T+L+O)... it's like flipping a switch and lighting up your entire business. (Page 22)
  • How to GET EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to my help... not available to the general public. This is only offered to my valued subscribers and existing clients.   (Page 23 of 24)
  • The six-figure sales machines - ONE-SHEET. Gives you a clear path to run on when plaining out your next six-figure sales machine. Saves you time and gets you into ACTION FAST... so you're able to move quickly in the marketplace. (Page 24 of 24)

"Can't say enough about his expertise in digital marketing..."

Tim & Laura Sales

Tim & Laura Sales


"We worked with Chris for several years and can't say enough about his expertise in digital marketing. 

He does excellent work and is very fast and efficient with his time. 

He set up and automated all of the technical aspects of online marketing for our business. 

We highly recommend him."


Plus much more...

Now it's time to take your first-step towards rocking-n-rolling, and get access to my...

"Six-Figure Sales Machines"


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