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10 Ways To Create Engagement In Your Coaching Business

10 Ways To Create Engagement In Your Coaching Business

Resources Mentioned:

This week's FAST START sheet can be downloaded hereThis is a quick worksheet for you to create your own client value journey on. 

3 Key Points:

Why Create Engagement: Without your prospects engaging in your content nothing happens. 

You could have all the ads you want running, but if no one is engaging with your content... you're stuck.

In this episode I'll share with you how to get UN-STUCK with your content.

What Engagement Is: Most people think engagement is a video, a blog post or a podcast.

It's NOT.

It's the ACT of watching, reading or listing that creates the engagement.

You want to design your content so it CREATES these actions on the part of the visitor.

How To Create Engagement: In this podcast episode I share with you EXACTLY how to do this.

Plus, I'll share 10 ways for you to start creating content that's ENGAGING to your audience.

 (HINT: I've used all the strategies I talk about in this podcast episode to get you to this point 🙂

Final Thoughts:

I really enjoy working with coaches to help dial in their sales and marketing systems.

Using the 8 steps process I talk about allows us to SYSTEMATIZE their marketing.

Engagement is a BIG part of the process, because you're actually doing it throughout all 8 steps of the client value journey. 

This is the grease that keeps the machine turning.

Listen to this episode and then download this weeks FAST START worksheet.


Because even though I give you 10 ways to create engagement in the podcast.

In the worksheet you get 20 ways!

BOOM... you're going to rock out your content and start creating engagement... in NO-TIME flat!

To your success,

Chris Koehl
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