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The ONE Thing You Must Do When Building Your Coaching Business

The ONE Thing You Must Do When Building Your Coaching Business

Resources Mentioned:

This week's FAST START sheet can be downloaded hereThis is a quick worksheet for you to create your own client value journey on. 

3 Key Points:

The ONE Thing: In this episode I talk about the ONE THING you must have when building your Coaching business. 

Without having this ONE thing, your coaching business will not make it.

So, listen to this episode above, download the FAST START worksheet and go!

Omnipresence: This is one of my favorite strategies for making sure you always have that ONE thing in your coaching business. 

You'll see how this works in this weeks FAST START worksheet.

The Plan: You want to have a plan of action (which I give you in this episode) so that your Coaching business is always attracting a consistent flow of NEW people who would be your ideal coaching clients.

Final Thoughts:

I'm excited for you to listen to this episode. This is step 1 of 8 in our client value journey (this start in episode 2).

This first step in the process is one you'll want to start working on right away

In the podcast episode #3, I layout why you'll want to use this method. 

What it is and how it can take your Coaching business to the next level. 

Then I walk you through HOW TO do it in this weeks FAST START worksheet. 

Think of these 8 steps like building blocks.

They all work together to form an entire system that will allow you to attract, convert and grow your Coaching business quickly and easily.

To your success,

Chris Koehl
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