The Illusion Of Marketing Automation

Tales from the trenches.

Being the guy behind the scenes for some of the top authors, speakers, and coaches, I’ve seen a lot. At this point, I’ve built well over a hundred high-end sales and marketing systems.

The thing I will tell you after all these years in the trenches is this…

Simple is best when first
getting started.

If you’re thinking of creating any type of complex sales funnel, or some massive automated marketing campaign using something like Infusionsoft, Hubspot, or Active Campaign (you name the CRM), you’re working harder and not smarter.

Let me quickly touch on what I call…

The illusion of marketing

So many people trying to sell their products and services online fall into this trap of thinking the “tech” is the main factor for them generating sales.

It’s not.

All marketing automation does is…

Simply speed up
the process. 

This means if you’re marketing campaign is not generating sales in the first place. Using marketing automation speeds up the “no sales” process. Tagging, each and every action a person goes through in your 67 step sales funnel, means nothing.

I built a sales funnel one time for a client of mine, who’s one of the biggest names in the personal development space. I designed it to have what I call “dynamic upsells”.


This client had well over 15 training courses and I wanted to maximize every opportunity in the funnel, so we could increase AOV. This stands for Average Order Value, and it one of the key metrics I look at when measuring ROI on ad spend.

What I did was design the system, so that…

It only showed offers, the
buyers didn’t own yet.

Most people simply show the same upsell for everyone in the funnel. I didn’t want to do this for the client, because a lot of the people already owned some of these courses.

(And showing people products, they already bought in the past is wasting an opportunity.)

Needless to say, this worked like gangbusters and shot AOV (and profits) through the roof. 

The thing is…

This is not something new people should be doing to start off with.

And, the main factor to this successful funnel, was…

Creating strategic content
that consistently drove
traffic to it.

So, if someone has told you that “marketing automation” is the key to your making the big bucks online… run.

It’s simply a tool, to help speed things up. 

Step one is creating your system where you’re consistently putting out “Digital Fuel”, as this is what drives all the qualified traffic to your funnels in the first place.

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-Chris Koehl

Chris Koehl | Digital Marketing Specialist


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