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Converting Subscribers into New Coaching Clients

Converting Subscribers into New Coaching Clients

Resources Mentioned:

The Coach's Guide To SMART Marketing. In this guide you'll see exactly how to set up your coaching web site so you're building quality subscribers on your list.

3 Key Points:

Why the Convert Stage is Important: It's the part in the journey that STARTS the cash-flow process.

This is also known as the 'front-end' of your business. 

The GOAL of this is to CREATE A BUYER, not make a profit upfront.

What the Convert Stage is: It's a process for MOVING people from being a subscriber to becoming a new client.

This is a critical part in the client value journey.

How To Create Conversions: There's two ways to do this.

ONE, they spend a little bit of money with you upfront.

TWO, they invest TIME with you upfront. 

An example of investing time with you would be if they registered for a webinar of yours and watched the entire thing.

Final Thoughts:

One of the GREAT things about having a process is that... it can be MEASURED!  

Now, you'll be able to SEE how each step in the process is performing. Then you'll know what step there's a breakdown in, so you can fix it. 

The CONVERT step is where the money enters into things. It's the FIRST time a person goes from subscriber to buyer (new Coaching client).

If you'd like to get together and brainstorm some ideas on how to do this in your Coaching business, let's connect.

To your success,

Chris Koehl
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