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How To Create Quality Subscribers For Your Coaching Business

How To Create Quality Subscribers For Your Coaching Business

Resources Mentioned:

The Coach's Guide To SMART Marketing. In this guide you'll see exactly how to set up your coaching web site so you're building quality subscribers on your list.

3 Key Points:

Why Create Subscribers: We want to define a segmented group of people that have a problem we can help solve. 

This way we're able to communicate our message with the right person. 

This is why it's important to learn how to create quality subscribers.

What a Subscriber Is: To start with they are NOT LEADS.

They are human beings who are real people with busy lives. 

They have a problem that we can help solve. 

Real people in pain, that we can help in our area of expertise.

How To Create a Quality Subscriber: To start with you want to use SEGMENTATION.

Identify the people you can help and segment them on to their own list.

Offer something with SPECIFICITY that can help them right away.

Final Thoughts:

One KEY to having high conversions on the back-end of your sales process... is to make sure you're talking to the right people. 

This is why you want to segment your list upfront.

Think of your "attraction magnet" as a filtering device.

This way when you communicate with your list, they're responsive to your messaging.

Remember to use SPECIFICITY in your marketing and messaging.

This allows you attract the right people... who you can help. 

If you'd like to get together and brainstorm some ideas on how to do this in your Coaching business, let's connect.

To your success,

Chris Koehl
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