Is Cotton Candy Marketing Rotting Your Business?

In an all-white room, the red rug stands out.

Go on social media, and it seems everyone is yelling how great their products are, how their service is the best, and on and on and on. Before you know it, all the ads and marketing messages tend to blur together. 

It ends up becoming one giant white room. 

Let’s talk about you
and your business

And how you can become that red rug in that all-white room.

One of the first things we must do is grab attention. While most social media knuckleheads are yelling louder, using their checklists, templates, and hacking each other off.  

It’s best to be

I remember listing to a Dan Kenndy training where he talked about not following the crowd. I think Dan was quoting Earl Nightingale. Anyway, the point he was making was that you’d be better off if you simply do the opposite of what the masses are doing.

I agree with good-ole Dan myself, and have taken his sound advice and profited greatly from it. The key to standing out in your marketplace is connecting with your audience on a deeper level than everyone else. 

Everyone else is going backward; you go forward.

Quick example:

There’s a phrase I created called
“Cotton Candy Marketing.” 

It’s where everything looks big, fluffy, and full of bright colors on the outside. But the minute you take a bite, it instantly melts away in your mouth, and it’s gone. Before too long, you’ve eaten so much cotton candy; your teeth start to rot out from all the sugar. 

Most marketing, training, and courses are like this. They have absolutely no substance or nutritional value, and the worst part is it’s rotting out their business, and they don’t even know it.

One sure-fire way to NOT do
“Cotton Candy Marketing”

And stand out like the red rug in an all-white room is to have a deep understanding of your market.

Once you understand them, you’re able to create what I call “digital fuel” that keeps those fresh new prospects flowing into your business daily. The feeling they’ll get from your content, training, products, and services is like coming in out of a torrential rainstorm seeking safe shelter.

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creating digital fuel for
your business…

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-Chris Koehl

Chris Koehl | Digital Marketing Specialist


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