The Art of Mastering the Fundamentals First

I’m all about keeping things simple and mastering the fundamentals first. 

Remember that movie, the Karate Kid? 

It came out in 1984, and I saw it at the theater with some friends. I remember watching it as Mr. Miyagi had Daniel-San doing all this work for him. Daniel simply wanted to learn Karate and Mr. Miyagi had him sanding the floor, painting the fence, waxing all of his cars. 

Now, Daniel thought this old- man was taking advantage of all his hard work. 

Mr. Miyagi then demonstrated to Daniel he had been learning the fundamentals of Karate all along.

These were the basic
moves that all the other
movements are based on.

Daniel was shocked because all this time, he had no idea he was learning these basic moves. 

When building an online business, it’s kind of like this. First, we need to learn the basics of marketing, and only until we’ve mastered the basics do we want to start getting more advance.

I call this mastering the fundamentals first.

In this month’s first issue of my paid newsletter, called the “CK Insider Newsletter,” I talk about this topic and one of the first things to start doing to grow a stable and consistent producing online business.  

It’s the foundation for creating a consistent stream of qualified traffic to your blog, website, and funnels. It’s also a simple way for you to stand out in your marketplace without having to use hype or any type of sleazy sales tactics.

And yet, despite the power of this #1 business building fundamental.

Most disregard it
and put very little time or
energy into mastering it. 

Because of this, it ends up costing them in the long run.

It costs them:

  • Poor lead flow
  • Low conversions
  • Slow sales
  • Nightmare customers and clients
  • And the list goes on.

Overall when online business owners ignore this fundamental step, it’s like pouring maple syrup in your gas tank. Everything gets gummed up, your business engine starts spewing out black smoke, and it comes to a screeching halt.

If you’d like to…

Keep your business engine
running smoothly and fine-tune it into
a high-performance machine –

Then you might think about becoming a subscriber.

Here’s the link to get all the details:

– Chris Koehl

Chris Koehl | Digital Marketing Specialist


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