Never Run Out of Content for Your Emails Again

Email is one of the essential mediums for building an online business, in my opinion. 

It’s is one of the reasons I highly recommend focusing on building a high-quality list in your business. 

Notice I used the
word “quality.” 

Let me quickly unpack what I mean by this.

I’ve been building a list since the early 2000s, and I pretty much screwed this up many times. It was all about list size in the day, but I soon found out that list size did not equal sales. What drives sales is the relationship you have with your list. 

The key to cultivating that relationship is consistent communication.

It’s no different than talking to your friends and family often. The more you connect with them, the stronger your relationship gets.

Now, one of the questions I often get asked is, “Chris, how do you come up with email content for your list?”

Coming up with email content is no different from coming up with content for your sales pages, blog posts, podcasts, audio training, and courses. You want to look at all this content as a communication device for your market.

It comes down to
one human talking to
another human.

It’s just that simple. 

The key is creating a content marketing system that you can always go-to for new ideas on what to write for your market. It’s precisely what I’m coving in this month’s issue of my CK Insider Newsletter

One of the things I’ll be sharing is how to never run out of content again. Say goodbye to not knowing what to email your list. I’ve developed a unique method for consistently cranking out content and never running out of ideas. 

In the January issue:

I walk you through
my entire method
for doing this.

Once you’re using this method, you’ll start to attract more of “your people.” It’s all because of the type of content you’ll be putting out. While most are out there using templates and pre-written emails, which only cause people to unsubscribe quickly. 

And pretty much damage the relationship between you and them.

You’ll start to gain market share, increase sales, and make more friends along the way.

Here’s where it all starts:

-Chris Koehl

Chris Koehl | Digital Marketing Specialist


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