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How To Increase Profits in Your Coaching Business

How To Increase Profits in Your Coaching Business

Resources Mentioned:

The Coach's Guide To SMART Marketing. In this guide you'll see exactly how to set up your coaching web site so you're building quality subscribers on your list.

3 Key Points:

Why the Ascension Stage is Important: Most all businesses use some form of the Ascension model.

Our goal as a business is to make a profit. 

One of the best ways to do this is by using the ascension model. 

Using the Ascension model allows us to increase our profits without increasing our expenses.

What the Ascension Stage is: It's all about increasing the CV (Client Value). 

This is the value amount that a client spends with us over a period of time. 

Every one of us can implement this into our coaching business.

How To Create Ascension: In this episode I cover a few different ascension models to use in your coaching business.

I also talk about the main one I see coaches using. 

Ad to Webinar... to Coaching.

I talk about what it takes to make this one work.

Final Thoughts:

I would highly recommend adding some form of the ascension model in your Coaching business. This is because it's how you increase profits fast.

Plus, it allows your clients to go to the next level with you. Going to the next level with you means, they'll reach THEIR GOALS faster!

Start thinking about the different ways you can add this model into your Coaching business and then take action on making it happen.

If you'd like to get together and brainstorm some ideas on how to do this in your Coaching business, let's connect.

To your success,

Chris Koehl
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