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Chris Koehl

Chris Koehl

Digital Marketing Specialist

Chris Koehl
Certified Digital Marketer Partner

Date: Monday, November 19th, 2018
RE: Working Smarter, Not Harder

Dear Friend,

I have a couple quick questions for you... Are you where you want to be in your business? Are you growing at the rate you'd like to?

Do you have a complete system in place that generates new visitors to your site on a daily basis and then automatically transforms them into new buyers?

If not... then listen closely because this will change everything for you - starting today.

"There's 3-Ways We Can Help..."

73 Point Sales Checklist

We've identified 73 items that drive visitors, leads and revenue to your site.


We work 1-on-1 with you along to help you reach your digital marketing goals.


We build out your complete marketing funnels and automation systems.

Over 15 Years of Digital Marketing Experience to Help You CRUSH IT in Your Business!

Chris Koehl works closely with his clients to implement the latest digital marketing strategies and technology. Here is how we can help you:


#1: F.A.S.T™ $14,997 per month (plus 10% of gross sales)

The F.A.S.T™ service is a complete done-for-you program. With this plan we become part of your team and work with you closely to create your marketing campaigns, build your funnels, create your offers and set up all of the marketing automation... plus much more..


#2: F.A.S.T100™ $2,497 per month (3 month minimum)

The F.A.S.T100™ service is our monthly coaching service. With coaching we work with you 1-on-1 to help move you towards your business goals. 


#3: F.A.S.T START™ $2,999

The F.A.S.T START™ service is our coaching package. With coaching we work with you 1-on-1 to help move you towards your business goals. 



The 73 Point Checklist is designed to share with you 73 different types of income bridges you can be using in your business. Watch this video to learn more.


You can feel confident knowing you have a true digital marketing specialist who's got your back and helping reach your business goals!

If you would like help with your digital marketing, click here to reach out to Chris and schedule a call with him. 

Certified Digital Marketer Partner
Chris Koehl - Certified Digital Marketing Professional