The BIG Mistake When Launching Your Sales Funnels

I could feel their anxiety through the phone.

Here’s what happened.

I talked to someone the other day who reached out because their sales funnel wasn’t making sales. Their ad costs were climbing, and I could hear the stress in their voice and feel their anxiety through the phone. 

I then give them the
opportunity for us to
work together.

I first start with a funnel consult to look under the hood to see what’s going on.

They’re tired of spending all this money on ads and not making any sales. I had them send me over all the links to the pages of their funnel. I also wanted access to their analytics so that I can look at the data.

Then I spent the next few days reviewing their funnel and writing up my prescription for them. 

What I found is
something I see
quite often.

And it’s that:

Many people think it’s all about the “look” or “type” of sales funnel they use. 

It’s NOT!

When I gave them my review and prescription of their sales funnel, they understood what the problem was right away.

This sale funnel had many issues, but the main (and most important) issue was the sales letter. The messaging on the page was not that great. What had happened was they focused on the page looking good more than the sales copy.

Reverse that!

Focus on the
sales copy more than the
“look” of the page.

You want substance over style. 

I ended up taking them on as a private client and ultimately building them a new sales funnel and writing all the sales copy for them. I then set up all the tracking data because I wanted to measure the ROI from all their advertising.

The funnel started cranking out sales, and even though our main product is only $47.00, our average cart value was over $100.00. Their ad costs quickly dropped, and they started to become profitable.

Now, here’s
the kicker!

It was in a new market for me. 

I’d never sold anything to this market before, so how the heck was I able to build something that started pumping out cash like a rushing oil geyser. It’s all about creating strategic content or, as I like to call it – digital fuel.

And in my CK Insider
Newsletter, I show you
exactly how I do it. 

Once you start using this method, you’ll be able to quickly bang-out strategic content your market loves and buys from. 

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-Chris Koehl

Chris Koehl | Digital Marketing Specialist


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