The Myth of the Sophisticated Sales Funnel

Let’s quickly talk about having a sophisticated sales funnel, technology, and overwhelm.

In today’s online business world, overwhelm can happen pretty quickly. 

There are so many technological options today that did not exist a decade ago. I remember back in the day when I built websites. There were not that many options with technology. Heck, back then, I was using Microsoft FrontPage.

I was then having to manually upload those HTML files to a server using FTP software. A lot of things have changed since then.

Today’s technology takes things to the next level.

You can build a sales
funnel online, click a button,
and you’re in business. 

Which brings me to my next point.


Many people I talk with start out with this idea, that's it's all about the sales funnel itself. 

All that’s needed is to build a sophisticated sales funnel, and the money just starts flowing in.

They tend to listen to the latest social media guru, holding up their awards, standing in front of an expensive car, or shooting their latest video from some tropical location.

Talking about having a sophisticated 21 step sales funnel to make money online.

In my opinion it's complete…


In this quick “Coffee with Chris” session, I talk about keeping things simple and mastering the fundamentals first.

You can listen to this episode of “Coffee with Chris” on my mobile app called “CK Insider Circle”. Get access to it here:

– Chris Koehl

Chris Koehl | Digital Marketing Specialist


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