How To Turn A Perceived Negative Into BIG Dollars

Here’s how to turn a perceived negative into big dollars.

Quick story:

Back in the day, two companies were selling mouthwash and competing for the same market share.

One brand tasted like
medicine, and the other tasted
clean and minty.

The clean and minty brand started running ads against their competitor. They were making fun of the medicine taste.

They were going after them, running these ads all over the place, trying to convince people to buy their clean and minty mouthwash instead.

What did the “medicine” tasting mouthwash company do?

They used a sales trigger
to turn a perceived negative
into a positive. 

They did this by creating their ad campaign to brag about the medicine taste and let people know that’s what’s killing the germs in your mouth.

And, this worked like wildfire!

In my new sales triggers, audio training, I share this story and how using this sales trigger allowed them to regain market share.

Once you understand this principle, you’ll start seeing opportunities everywhere to sell your products and services in many different ways.

Remember, it’s not about being better…

It’s about showing up

You can get instant access to it here:

-Chris Koehl

Chris Koehl | Digital Marketing Specialist


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