This Strange Guy Was Yelling At Me From The TV

Back in the day, when I was flying all over the country fixing carnival rides, I was in my hotel room watching an infomercial. 

There was a guy on the TV talking about placing “tiny little classified ads.”

The guy’s name was Don Lapre.

He was selling a $50 information product at the time, and at this point in my career, the thought of working from home and not having to travel was all that mattered to me.

I whipped out my credit card, called the 800 number on the screen, and bought it right away. A few weeks later, it arrived at my tiny apartment. I tore into this thing like a man on a mission.

A few days later, I was coming home from work when I noticed the red light flashing on my answering machine (remember those things?) from across the room.

I walked over to it,
hit the play button, and
here’s what I heard:

“Hello, hello, hey this is Don Lapre calling; sorry I missed you, I have some exciting information for you. Please your account executive John as soon as you get this message; his number is 1-800, etc.”  

I got so excited thinking, “Don Lapre” was personally calling me! 

At the time, I had no idea this was a voice broadcast, and it probably went out to thousands of people.

Well, I called John back right away (I was an easy sale) and proceed to spend over a thousand dollars on more Don Lapre products and services.

Looking back on this experience,
it was a great lesson.

Don used TWO prior sales triggers back-to-back that caused me to spend a lot of money with him. 

None of this happened by chance. There were probably thousands of other people just like me buying all of his products and services.

Years later, after studying all the greats…

It was clear as day how
he engineered his entire
sales process

It was also super cool!

I also noticed how I felt and what got me excited about wanting to buy. I remembered how the salesmen closed me over the phone, without any of it feeling salesy.

These were serious sales triggers
used, all designed for
maximum income.

Whether it’s a blog post, sales letter, email, podcast, or video, effective content should be designed to advance the person to the next step in your process.

The key to doing this is by knowing and understanding these sales triggers.

Here’s the link:

-Chris Koehl

Chris Koehl | Digital Marketing Specialist


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