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The Simple SYSTEM for Creating Advocates in Your Coaching Business

The Simple SYSTEM for Creating Advocates in Your Coaching Business

Resources Mentioned:

The Coach's Guide To SMART Marketing. In this guide you'll see exactly how to set up your coaching web site so you're building quality subscribers on your list.

3 Key Points:

Why the Advocate Stage is Important: One way to help you build trust and credibility is to have 3rd party testimonials.

These are people who have used your coaching service and have a great result. 

Having them talk about your coaching to others is KEY.

What the Advocate Stage is: It's the stage where your clients publicly supports or recommends your coaching services on their own.

This happens after they've go through your coaching and have filled out your special advocate form.

How To Create Advocates: Here's what you want to do...

Set up a web form with a scale from 1-10. 

People that select 1-6 you segment into a "need support" list.

People that select 7-10 you segment into a "advocate" list.

Then you trigger your follow up communications based on their #number.

Final Thoughts:

Creating advocates is really about segmenting your clients and finding out who loves your coaching 🙂 

What's also GREAT about this step is you will end up finding holes in your bucket.

This way you're consistently improving your coaching and process.

Remember, when set up correctly this process can be completely automated for you.

This way the system is ALWAYS creating advocates you.

If you'd like to get together and brainstorm some ideas on how to do this in your Coaching business, let's connect.

To your success,

Chris Koehl
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